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History of Gross drive-thru

By chris [Current version]

5 years ago Version 1 Initial version of Gross drive-thru
5 years ago eragon_shadeslayer commented: Which part of this is a conditional? Also, you don't use the Var thing for making a variable. And isnt state just something to save the game? already has that and you didnt explain that either.
5 years ago chris commented: Great questions! I'll talk about variables first. You can create variables with VAR, but each knot comes with one built-in. A variable with the same name as the knot keeps track of how many times it's been visited. There are conditionals on lines 9, 23, and 24. On line 9, the choice is only shown if fish_bones is True. How can a number be True? 0 is treated as False; any other number is treated as True. So you can't choose acorns until you've chosen fish bones. Obviously. On line 23, the text "Do you like the acorns?" is only shown if acorns is True (or, again, if acorns is at least 1). And line 24 redirects to cutoff if order_summary is greater than 2. Otherwise it redirects to order.
5 years ago chris commented: Now, about state. Basically, if there are variables involved, there's state. So Unfold Studio stories are always stateful. State gets to be a more useful concept later in computer science, when you start thinking about which things are stateful (they have a memory of the past) and which things aren't. For example, McDonald's is basically not stateful--it's the same every time you walk in, with no memory of the past. But your favorite coffeeshop might be stateful. As soon as they see you coming, they start making the mocha latte they know you love.
5 years ago chris commented: These comments sure are ugly, aren't they. Maybe we need a non-monospaced font, and the ability to add whitespace...