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History of Drifting [draft]

By 25ahartman [Current version]

4 months ago Version 1 Initial version of Drifting [draft]
4 months ago chris commented: This is awesome! I particularly like all the evocative language. One thing you could consider doing is weaving the past into the descriptions--the structure of A *better* better bicycle isn't like this story, but studying the code could give you some helpful techniques.
4 months ago mmatthias commented: This is good. Make sure to add in variables and text bubbles and you should be good to go.
4 months ago 25ahartman commented: would they have phones on a post apocalyptic ocean planet?
4 months ago chris commented: Phones take a lot of technological infrastructure... reliable electricity, cell towers, etc. And no way to get new phone batteries after they wear out. Maybe telegraphs? I imagine if everybody knew about phones (and the possibility of long-distance communication) but no longer had access to them, access to the telegraphs would be highly-valued.