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History of The wanderer

By chris [Current version]

3 years ago Version 1 Map of places (fork) forked from Map of places by a missing user
3 years ago Version 2 Added descriptions of all the places. Started adding in random stuff that can happen. Next up, I want to add an inventory. Then I can start building quests.
3 years ago Version 3 I added a debug mode. I also cleaned up the code by pulling all the events out of the locations and putting them at the bottom. This makes it easier to reuse events in different locations.
3 years ago eragon_shadeslayer commented: I think you should have a certain spot that leads to somewhere you cannot access from somewhere else like in the canyon you find a tunnel SOME OF THE TIME.
3 years ago eragon_shadeslayer commented: hey i see that maxapple would make maximum amount of apple be what ever but does minapple make there be a minimum
3 years ago eragon_shadeslayer commented: hmmmmm i said other history thing that += didnt work and it didnt for me so why did it work for you? it showed error message
3 years ago chris commented: Cool idea on unlocking new places--I want to do that. I just wrote back on the comments thread for The apple economy. Do you have an example of a story where += doesn't work for you?
3 years ago chris commented: Responding to your other point, the names of variables don't have any power by themselves--calling something "maxapple" won't affect the possible values of apple unless you use the variable that way. In this story, I use a function called "clamp" (line 214) which allows me to make sure a value isn't too big or too small.
3 years ago eragon_shadeslayer commented: ohhhhhhhhhhh cade said that maxapple and minapple works